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I am a native of District 7. I have lived over 30 years in the District in total. I am a practicing attorney for 16 years in Dallas. I was the attorney for the Chris Bosh Foundation for 6 years and I was the General Counsel for the largest Teacher’s Union in Texas. ALLIANCE-AFT DALLAS 10,000 members for 5 years. I have experience in the criminal justice system as well our local education system. My first law office was opened in the District 7 in 2001. I have the local relationships and professional experience to lead this district into the future. I have experience in managing large groups of people like I did with the Teachers Union and serving them. I have also developed ties with additional business owners in our community because I grew up with them . I can seek advice and direction through my relationships with people like that as well as my ability to gather information from large groups of people and identify how to problem solve. I have also started 2 web sites. This type of forward thinking is needed to lead us into the future. I have also developed relationship with local law enforcement and community leaders who I think can come together to create positive first contacts between law enforcement and our citizens. I understand District 7 problems and we can solve them coming together. In closing I’m better prepared to inject new ideas and passion into respresenting our district without scandal and do it with honor. I feel like this is not a job. It is a calling. We can accomplish great things in District 7. I have experience in leadership. I have a track record of achieving goals It is time for new and respectable leadership and I am educationally, professionally and civically prepared to lead us into the future.

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NO EMPTY ENDORSEMENTS! NO OUTSIDE BIG MONEY DONORS! Just me and you! IT’S ON US! My opponents are going to owe their donors and endorsers a lot of favors! I WILL ONLY OWE YOU THE PEOPLE! I have self funded most of my campaign. I did this because when I’m elected in May I want to do the work for the community that voted for me. Over the last 30 years I have seen the same folks tell us who to vote for year after year and I see the same lack of progress in our communities.

Over the last 10 years in our district we have seen scandal, payoffs, arrests of our council members after a council meeting and defunding our law enforcement in a community with one of the highest crime rates in the city. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Together we can restore public safety in our communities, hold them accountable, protect our seniors and legacy homeowners, clean our community up and stop illegal dumping, mentor our youth and increase economic development! Time to stop the outsiders controlling our communities and leaving us stranded with the same problems year after year.

I have a proven track record of success overcoming all the obstacles in my life from our toughest communities and becoming an attorney, community activist and successful 20 year business owner! Time to trust one of your own Calvin D. Johnson



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IT’S ON US! In 2019, Calvin was interviewed by Fox 4’s Shawn Rabb to discuss what “It’s On Us” means in terms of community accountability. Increased homicide rates, housing discrimination, gentrification, and summer crime waves, continue to plague this community. WE can no longer expect outside elected officials to dictate how we run our neighborhoods, WE must start taking responsibilty and accountability into our own hands, WE the people of District 7 must fight to protect our homes and businesses! That’s why, as a born native of District 7, Calvin Johnson believes taking back ownership of our neighborhoods and our power! Please join this historic campaign to reshape, revitalize, and re-empower the citizens of this historic district. IT’S ON US! #itsonus #dallas #district7


Our Greatest Need in District 7

The greatest single need in our district is economic development. We have to help our current property owners and business owners improve and develop our property so we can attract new businesses and the right type of businesses in the community. We can do that by identifying who needs what and then putting a plan in action to address the needs. We can take the information gathered on the two websites abetterdistict7.com and buylocaldistrict7.com. We can start by spending more of our dollars locally inside the district. In addition to that we can make sure that we get the proper amount of local bond dollars in the district and those dollars are constantly moving and properly spent. We need to improve our streets and infrastructure to attract new development and businesses. If we improve our communities and increase the income of those living there we will be able to attract the kind of economic development needed. We need to meet with local banks and investors to see what they would like to see in our communities and what we need to do to attract them to invest more. We must also properly us our PIDS. Public Investment Districts. Currently I think we are squandering an opportunity to do that. I would identify how to best use these to get things going. I think we need to put a multi year long term plan in place for economic development. In our district. We must also make sure that businesses that are operating in our district are doing more good than harm. For example, in Joppy we must figure out how to balance out the pollution created with some kind of additional economic benefit specifically to that community. There needs to be a full economic development assessment of the different communities in the entire district.



Reducing Crime and Improving Public Safety Relationships

Assisting our Legacy land and homeowners

Servicing and Protecting our Seniors

Reducing Illegal Dumping and Trash

Investing in Mentoring, Business and Entreprenuership Programs

Better Delivery of City Services and Functions

Assist in Providing Quality and Affordable Housing

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Making Corona Virus
Vaccines Accessible

Part of our campaign is making Corona Virus Vaccines more accessible to the underprivilaged.